Balloon Belly-Buster Coming Soon:WSA Will Soon Offer ORBERA

Balloon Belly-Buster Coming Soon:WSA Will Soon Offer ORBERA

With more than 50 years combined in surgery, the team of Board Certified physicians at Wiregrass Surgical Associates are the area’s leaders in minimally invasive and comprehensive surgical care. They approach each patient with compassion and help every individual throughout their journey.  Because of how they manage patients and their incredible outcomes in the field of bariatric surgery, the makers of ORBERA made a conscious decision to allow them to launch this product.

Dr. Scott Robbins has been selected to be one of a handful of surgeons across America to offer ORBERA.  He is among the first wave of talented surgeons to train on the product and will begin offering it to patients in September.  The procedure will be performed at Flowers Hospital and a continued weight loss program managed by a team of experts at Wiregrass Surgical Associates.

ORBERA is a weight loss program that does not require complex surgery. The ORBERA solution is a soft, durable balloon that is temporarily inserted into the stomach. ORBERA helps to make you feel full after eating less food than you would typically eat in one serving. Over time, this will allow you to manage portion control and change unhealthy eating habits, which in turn will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The product bridges the gap between diet, exercise, and invasive surgery. In combination with the balloon, WSA will offer dietary guidance and a long-term advisory program that will ensure continued success.

By managing your hunger with ORBERA, Dr. Robbins with Wiregrass Surgical Associates will help you lose weight when everything else isn’t working for you.

Dr. Robbins and his fellow surgeons are located inside the Doctors Building at Flowers Hospital. For more information about the surgeries offered by Wiregrass Surgical Associates, visit them online or check out their Facebook page. Call (334) 793-1534 to schedule a FREE consultation to learn more about this effective weight loss solution.

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